About VoiceAdda

Voiceadda is a free to listen audio platform, driven by passion for listening. It is our fundamental belief that, passion brings together all the senses and focuses them onto something with heightened awareness. So, we feel, what we listen.
Voiceadda provide an audio platform to creative individuals or groups to tell their own original, straight from heart, quality stories, share inspiring experiences, create their audio books or anything creative, by becoming creators and contributors of creative audio content to develop a better world of Social Gain.
Voice adda is an Always-On listening experience to every person with a mobile phone, reshaping the mobile entertainment streaming landscape. It has No Ads or interruptions, wherever you are, whether you are stuck in traffic jam or are at gym, doctor's office waiting room, cooking, cleaning, walking from place to place, traveling, working, taking your pet for a walk, listen to your choice of podcast, and shield your eyes from strain, relieve stress, improve your imagination skills at any time of the day. Listen Better, Imagine Better, Feel Better.
You think, your voice sounds great, you have perfect pronunciation, have a flair to speak your mind impressively, have creative audio show ideas that no one else has and want to spread a feel good factor of fun, awareness, knowledge, but have been busy with your work life… and no time to pursue your passion? Then let us have your audio, we work together and help you showcase your voice on Voiceadda.Contact us at: https://voiceadda.com/contact
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